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Mp3 Bootlegs

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This was found on http://www.matthewgood.org/index/


Over the next three weeks I'm open to posting a few bootlegs on the site's MP3 player if they sound reasonable enough. If you want to send something in, please make sure it's in MP3 format and that it's iTunes compliant. The email address is, as always, themblog (at) gmail (dot) com. There will be no crediting.

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matt wants to advertise his live shows?



i wanna put up the one where everyone is chanting "K.I.C.K.A.S.S. that's the way we spell success" and then matt starts to play Giant


and what's he mean by iTunes compliant?

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I'm so gonna start the KICKASS chant for an encore at the Phoenix. The only time I've seen him play Giant as an encore was for the Mod Club in 2004. It was sweet, just like the song, the audience started to build it up and just as we reached our peak, Matt cranked the cherrleaders from the album and got right into it. Sweetest effing encore I've seen in my life.


I'm gonna email him to ask if he can start with Giant at the Phoenix show. I'm gonna be from row with my Digi-cam taking some videos and I'll definately be taping just in case.





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Oh well I sent him a show and he has since clairifed that he wants new shows, I guess I'll just send him the shows when I get them for the hub.

you're kinda gloaty, eh?

Of course I am, I get to hear them before everyone else.


Last night sounded pretty damned good in the car.


Matt said go through choices pretty harshly before sending them to him he wanted the best when I spoke with him.

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i guess i'll need to buy a larger capacity camera

512MB can only take about 20minutes of video...



I have a 512MB card in my 6.1MP camera and it lasts 50 minutes.


I have vids from the phoenix, check that thread though. I'm posting them soon.



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Are these videos/recordings going to be on the hub soon? or are you guys gonna give matt first shot with them?

I don't deal so much with the video, but as for the audio I figured we would give Matt first shot at them.


Then it's like a tease to get onto the hub and get a hold of them as aposed to ruining the point of putting it on his site.

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