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London Show

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I have an extra ticket for the London Show on Oct 22. I bought two tickets and the other person I was supposed to go out with ducked out on me now Im suck with an extra ticket.


Dont think that the show is sold out yet, but the last time he played at the Drink it did.


Just trying to get rid of the ticket. Im not trying to make any money off of it, just selling it for $33.50 (CAN) thats listed on the ticket.


I am from London myself, so I could meet up with anyone this week to give them the ticket, or I can meet an out of towner at the show.


I also have an extra ticket for the Kitchener show (which I am driving to) so if there is a Londoner that wants to go, you just gotta pay for the ticket and we split the gas.


email me at: [email protected]

MSN Messenger at: [email protected]


or leave a message on this thread





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