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Favorite Actors/actresses?

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I was just wondering...who are everyone's favourite actors/actresses?


Mine are:

Daniel Day-Lewis

Meryl Streep

Kate Winslet

Geoffrey Rush

Edward Norton

Leonardo Dicaprio

Robert DeNero

Sean Penn

Russell Crowe

Johnny Depp

Patricia Clarkson

Phillip Seymor Hoffman

Helena Bonham Carter

Ewan McGregor

Juliette Binoche

Audrey Tautou

Jim Carrey

Melanie Lynskey

Joaquin Phoenix

Peter Sarsgaard

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Daniel Day-Lewis; Meryl Streep; Robert Redford; Laura Linney; Tim Robbins; Patricia Clarkson; Mark Ruffalo; Emily Watson; Ralph Finnes; Jodie Foster; Morgan Freeman; Toni Collete; John Cusack; Shirley McClain; Robert Downey Jr.; Gwyneth Paltrow; George Clooney; Joan Allen; Nicholas Cage; Allison Janney; Jason Lee; Scarlett Johanson; Christian Bale; Cate Blanchette; Cillian Murphy; Amy Adams; Johnny Depp... this could go on for quite a while, so I'd better stop.

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