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After 15 years, The Tea Party is no more ;) I for one will miss their music, granted their latest stuff was not

as great as their early music, I still think they were one of the most creative bands in Canada.

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not sure what caused it, apparently Stuart Chatwood(the bassist) didn't even know about until asked by a news reporter..

seems Jeff Martin just wants to pursue a solo career. It doesn't seem like there is any bitterness, but who knows.

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I agree that Transmission was the best record, but I think that Triptych and Edges Of Twilight were both excellent runners-up.


Seven Circles was my least favourite, and Interzone Mantras was decent, but it seems they jinxed themselves by doing that greatest hits record in 2000.


I hope it's just a trial separation kind of thing, like Silverchair, and Bush are/were supposed to be.

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I actually hated the Tea Party until I saw them live at Windsor Arena in 2000 (i think).


All of the members (except 1, I believe) all went to my highschool and graduated a few years before I got there. All I ever heard was Tea Party this, Tea Party that and I hated them simply for that. I would not listen to any of their music. My friends convinced me to go to the concert and it was pretty decent so I didn't hate them anymore.

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