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The Dream High School Project.. Is Hell

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Okay kids, I need your help.


Our grade twelve English class is doing a massive project on music. The basic idea is pick a genre and write about it. So I sort of made up a genre called Canadian alternative rock and am underwhelmed with amount of information there is about it on the internet.


So if you'd all be kind enough to help me out a little bit here, I'd appreciate it a lot.


List Canadian alternative bands and facts and basically anything you know about it, I don't care if it's blatantly obvious.


Thaaaanks a bunch.

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What do you consider 'alternative rock'?

Does Godspeed You! Black Emperor and music like that (other music from Constellation Records) count? That entire genre is almost exclusively populated by Canadian bands, and was originated in Montreal.


If that does count, all those numerous bands are Canadian, and the label itself it also Canadian. Learn about Constellation Records here.

There's also talk related to this in the GY!BE thread thats a couple days old.

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