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Dan #2

0g Earrings!

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I have used, but in perfect condition 0g jewelry that i no longer have a use for. Any one stretching their ears?


In a shop, these pieces are $10 each, but i'm willing to sell them for $15, +Shipping or best offer.


All three pieces are plastic, and the taper is clear, with blueish-purple marble swirls throughout it. The rings are a darker purple, with clear plastic beads, as circled.


This is a pic!



I also have two flared purple and white 0g plugs, as seen below. I never got around to using them, and payed $10 each, as is standard price. For them i'm asking $10+Shippiing, OBO. These are seen here:




I'll sell them all together for $25+Shipping, OBO, and in case you didn't know, 0 gauge is 8mm


If no one wants these, they're going to ebay!

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I'm interested in stretching a different part of my body...Several times a week.



Yeah, I said it.

Is it your anus?

The fact that you nailed that one on the head is seriously freaking me out right now.

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i'm not gonna lie

i kinda want those plugs

do you? think i could mail them in a standard envelope?

are they acrylic or glass?


and no, you'd have to send them in a bubble envelope, but those things weigh almost nothing so it wouldn't cost you that much. anyways, i'd pay for it.


find out how much it will cost to send and let me know.

i've got stuff to send you anyway. ;)

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Ai-ai, Cap'n.


The plugs are acryllic, and they weigh next to nothing. They are prettier in the real world, too. I used my shitty scanner to get the pic. Hence the purple-looking beads in the CBR.


I'll find out about shipping tomorrow. Tuesday is my day off, and like half an hour ago, i got my computer fixed, so i could read this. I think it's a sign.


But anyway,

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guess what i keep forgetting to do, christy?

I don't work Tuesday, i'll put them in a baggie and put the baggie in my wallet, i promise.

Actually, i'm going to america sunday morning, i may just mail them from there. I bet it'd be cheaper.



in other news, these are the earrings and taper i still have to sellllll.


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