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i was at a youth drop in center befoer i came in here, and these guys called thenewaesthetic came in and performed a nice small gig, they are kinda heavy punkish. Uhm, new band from winnepeg and pretty cool, fantastick drummer and bassest is ghreat when he is doing his soundcheck and one of hte guitarist played hte mario song for level 1 in super mario bros. the first game, it was a cool band. is, sorry. i bought an album with 5 songs, an ep, i got it signed by the whole band and so if they become famous, im sure they will, i will have something of rather great value! check em out uif u ever have a chacne

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nah, the super mario bros. was only played in the soundcheck. I WISH! that would be cool. and it sounded real decent too. i also talked to the band for a bit, cool guys

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