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What Songs Should Be Acoustic Next?

what songs would you like to hear MG play acousic  

59 members have voted

  1. 1. what songs would you like to hear MG play acousic

    • rat who would be king
    • suburbia
    • boy and his machine gun
    • heather like sundays
    • whispering in the dark
    • I miss new wave

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you know what would be cool? if he did all i wanna do by sheryl crow. i was thinking about it this weekend and i think that it would sound really depressing. but possibly good.

I think that most of what Matt does turns out pretty good, However I completly disagree with you and hope that a re-make of Sheryl Crow never happens.

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The Fall Of Man would be a great acoustic song. I can hear how it would sound in my head but sadly I can't play guitar to demonstrate.

That wwas a good one, I didn't even think of that! honestly I think he should just do everyone acoustic.

1) I don't know if I agree with that...


In my opinion, the majority of acoustic songs come off sounding depressing (which is okay in small doses). If he did a whole show of acoustic songs, he would have to be careful.


I personally like a mix.


2) I disagree with some of the songs you guys are recommending for acoustic, specifically the slower songs (ABAHM and other slower songs).


These to me seem almost half acoustic anyways, so adapting them into acoustic songs seems too easy.


For example - Strange Days, I didn't see the need to acousticize that one on Rooms. I felt a little ripped off at first, but it's Matt's show/CD so he gets to make the choices. I would've rather seen a song that you wouldn't think acoustic would work (I.E. Hello Time Bomb). Which I know a lot of you dislike, and I didn't like it at first, but it really grew on me and is probably one of my favourite Rooms songs now.





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