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Hi all--I am looking to pile up three tickets for the London show, so if you have an extra, please email me: I should be able to get back to you pretty much immediately. My email address is [email protected]. (I tried to click on the "email" link to email those who say they have an extra available, but the site says I'm not allowed to use that feature.) Thanks a bunch; I'm willing to pay more than face value if need be. And again, I'll definitely buy single tickets: I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get all three from the same source.


Also, can anyone who's gone to the previous shows on the tour speak to the potential of getting a ticket or two outside the show? Were there a few people selling tickets? Thanks for your help, everyone.


Edit--If, alternatively, you'd like to just post that you have a ticket available here and let me know how to reach you (rather than emailing me), I'll definitely do that, too.

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That potential is pretty non-existant. I've seen Matt twice at The Drink and I have NEVER seen anyone selling tickets prior to the show. You know that you can still order them at the door. I highly, highly doubt that it is sold out. I didn't even pick up my ticket yet.

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I was on ticketmaster and you cant get tickets on there anymore. Probably means its sold out. Last time he played there I had to get tickets off ebay.


HEY BUD - I should have one extra ticket, I will know tonite when I get home from work late, I will post on here when I know for sure

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Last time he was in london, he was at Centennial Hall, that was last Novemeber If my memory serves me correct. And that was half full, I believe that was the Put out your lights tour. The Last time he was at the Drink I think was in April of 2003 to promote avalanche

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Im not going to sit here and argue, I was there. I have the set list in my hand at this very moment, if I had a scanner, or even my camera near me I would post a picture of it. Not a big deal. Ponit is, its gonna be sold out. Last time he played at the Drink was with the Dears.


Set list from Nov 4


Blue Skies Over Bad Lands



Alert Status Red

North American for Life

Little Terror

The Rat Who Would Be King

The Future is X-Rated

In Love With A Bad Idea

Poor Mans Grey

Put Out Your Lights

Hello Time Bomb





Load Me Up


Its Been Awhile Since I Was Your Man

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2004 POYL Tour with with Limblifter and Auf der Maur at Centennial Hall


2003 Avalanche Tour with the Dears at the Drink


2002 Western Fair with Biff Naked and Flashlight Brown


1999 Centennial Hall with Moist and Gob


End of Discussion

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In September 99, the MGB also opened for I Mother Earth which I saw.


I was also at the 2002 and the 2003 show and you nailed the right bands.


The 2004 show was AT THE DRINK with Limblifter/Auf der Maur. The venue was changed a week before from Centennial Hall to The Drink. I was there. Trust me.



Also, four days prior to the Put Out Your Lights Tour at The Drink was the Muse show which was ALSO AT THE DRINK on Halloween. Four days after, I returned to the Drink and saw the setlist that you posted WITH Limblifter and Auf der Maur.

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Right Sept 1999, MGB was with IME it was at the Western Fair.



Anyways, my eyes are starting to hurt and I gotta go to work.


Which ever show you make it to Shortcut, enjoy it, I will be there for Kitchener and London.


Pictures will be posted about an hour after the Kitchener, hopegully on the NF gallery, but at the very least on my blog.



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