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From my surprise, it turns out that the London show at The Drink is infact sold out. Matt Good hasn't sold out a show in London since early 2003 until now so kudos towards him.


Now for my selfishness, I am in need of seeing Matt Good for the 5th time in either London or Kitchener. (#1) If anyone has an extra ticket for the LONDON show, I would be more than willing to pay a little extra for the show and I WILL have my own form of transportation. (#2) As for the KITCHENER show, I could acquire a ticket but I lack any form of transportation. The easiest way I think is if there is anyone from Hamilton out there who is willing to take a complete stranger like myself to Kitchener? It's probably asking for too much but I will pay for the gas money and anything related in that regard. That would be most appreciated but anything really will do the trick.


Add me on MSN if you like at: [email protected] (two underscores) or send an email to that address, whatever works for you.

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Moncton, sorry I didnt get back to you sooner, work called me away. God I hate work.


Anyways I do have a single ticket if you want it




email me and let me know.


I will be at the Kitchener show tonite, but should be able to check my email before 730 and after 1200.


If you dont want it..



Anyone else want a single ticket

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