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The Colbert Report

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Anyone on here seen it?

I have to say I love torrents, that's how Ive been watching it. Its a good show, but its kinda weird to me to see Colbert doing a show all on his own. "The Word" segment is my fave so far. I still like The Daily Show better though, you gotta love Jonny.

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I love the fact that they pronounce it the Colber(t) Repor(t). Bill O'Reily was on The Daily Show on Tuesday and Jon was asking what he thought about the Colbert Report and Bill went on a big anti-france rant.

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Bill O'Reilly is the biggest douchebag on the planet.

'Highlight' from the Daily Show the other night (from http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/10/19/95856/867:


JS: Are you still doing the boycott of France?


BOR: Yes, we're boycotting France.


JS: Oh, for godsakes.


BOR: That's why we can't watch Colbert.


(audience boos)


BOR: (to audience) Oh stop, will you? What are you people, from Marseille?


BOR: (really stupid voice) Uhhhhh, give me more wine!


BOR: These are our enemies over there!


JS: France?


BOR: What is the matter with you?


(audience boos)


BOR: Every time we turn around -- (to audience) oh stop it, will you?


JS: The thing is, when was the last time France truly mattered? Don't you feel like that's what's wearing you down? Your outrage must be channeled to -- I don't know if you know this, but they never found weapons of mass destruction, you know? They went to Iraq. Why don't you go after those guys? What are you, seven foot five? Go after those guys!


BOR: Of course I've gone after those guys! What's the matter with you?


JS: No.


BOR: Buying into this left-wing line.


JS: (laughs) What?!


BOR: Jeez, you pinhead --


(JS cracks up again, audience boos)


BOR: If you think France is our friend, it's ridiculous.


It sucks, the Colbert Report isn't on any channel here (yet). And i'm too lazy to download them and watch them.

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O'Reilly was just sad. Funny, but sad. He looked like a complete jackass insulting Colbert (or "that french guy" as he repeatedly called him). It's one thing to do that on your own turf, but to come on The Daily Show and do it just looked immature.

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i really like the colbert report (it's french bitch), and i love the daily show. I just wish it was on a better hour and on fridays too, i hate it being on at 12:05am, on CTV, and saddly that is the only place i can see it.

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