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Whatchu Call That Device Used To...

Dear Sir/Madam, what is your preference?  

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  1. 1. Dear Sir/Madam, what is your preference?

    • Remote (control)
    • Channel changer
    • Clicker
    • Other (elaborate, yes?)

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my step dad was kind of weird and kept the remote in his pocket the entire time i lived at home, so i never really knew that remotes existed.


when i got my own TV, i called it a remote based on the user manual.


(i'm mostly joking, by the way. except for the step dad carrying the remote with him everywhere. he had issues.)

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one of thsoe box things that is connected to the TV by a chord, and it had big clicky buttons. It was hilarious.

Haha...my mom used to have one of those! Except instead of 'big clicky buttons' it had this huge ass dial to change the channels...it was actually pretty cool, you could channel surf ridiculously fast by spinning it...ahhh, good times ;)

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