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Rogers P.v.r.

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that stands for personal video recorder if you didn't know. Does anyone else have this? it's just increased my addiction to T.V. I can tape 40 hours worth of stuff and watch it whenever I want.


I don't like it, though.because I know I can fast forward I get really impatient when the play is slow and all I can think about is fastforwarding, even inbetween whistles. I fast forward until a goal is scored, watch it, then keep fast forwarding. it's sad.

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i work for a cable company (time warner cable,i n the US) and they have DVR... digital video recorder. it sounds really problematic; i get a lot of people saying it fucks up their cable in general.


it sound like a neat idea, but they're charging like $20 a month in the states for DVR (i have no idea what it is here because i think TV is silly) and that's WAY too much money in my opinion.

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