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Ravenous Yam

Lava Stories

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Does anybody have some cool stories regarding lava?



I don't but i can talk about how the movie Volcano pissed me off. When the subway driver tries to jump over a 1-foot square, 1cm deep puddle of lava, doesn't make it, and slowly burns/melts into the puddle. That was so stupid. He'd barely have gotten his shoes burned before he just walked outta that damn puddle.


Credit to Anton for inspiring this pointless thread. May his name forever be associated with failure.

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when i was in hawaii i walked on lava rocks. it's apparently bad luck to take lava rocks home with you though. there are signs and everything. my dad took some though and he's fine (so far). knock on wood.


also, props to mr. yam for being creative and witty by starting this thread.

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