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Winnipeg Part 2

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Best show i've ever been to of any band, anywhere, hands down.

Opend with Rat, followed by Avalanche.

Me and my buddy Dave started the encore chant K-I-C-K-A-S-S and they played it. I called to Pat for a drumstick and he gave me one. I was first in line to meet Matt and he was extremly nice. He signed my hat. He was done signing and me and Dave asked him for a pic and he said "sure, one more" and we got a pic with him, Unreal show, unreal night.

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So you're the one who started the chant. I think I was right beside you! Good times. Did you see the guy who was singing along to Apparitions practically louder than Matt (or was that you?)? The guy had a good voice, but I came to hear Matt sing, not some random guy.


But yeah, tonight's concert was even better than last night's. Smaller crowd, but more enthusiastic, I think. He played Avalanche so I was a very happy panda indeed.


I didn't meet Matt, but I met Pat who is super nice (and hyper, oh man). He recognized me and my friend from the night before which was cool. And then we met the Ladies and Gentlemen. The lead singer/bass player tried to convince me and my friend to go Edmonton with the band but we declined the offer. Then he wanted us to go the Zoo with him for ammature strip night ($30 grand prize I'm told). That too we declined. But we got to grab his ass and he showed us his boxers. ;)

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i got a hold of the set list, and apparantly it was coincidence that they played giant first for the encore, as it was on the list for first of the encore.


good show. i'll post pics when i'm not lazy. so probably never.

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The guy who was singing loud was probably a guy by the name of Doug Mcarthur. He is a lead singer in the band Broken Halo. Yes his voice is good but at times very loud. Sorry you were so offended, I think he was just trying to have a good time.

I went to school with Doug, played on a soccer team with him too when I was a young lad.

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