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Problems Burning/importing "in A Coma"?

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I've been trying to import the "In a Coma" CD into iTunes, but it keeps crashing my computer. Then, last night I tried to put "Big City Life" on a mix CD I'm making, and my computer crashed when trying to burn it to my hard drive. I tried other CDs and didn't have the same problem. Is it because of the new "Copy-Protected" CDs?


Just wondering if anyone else had the same problem.

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That's bizzarre, considering the CD is supposed to be iTunes compliant. Are you running the latest version? I really don't know what to tell you.


As for the burning thing, just check your settings and make sure that you're not burning a data or mp3 CD. just select "Audio CD". If that's what you already have, then again, I have no idea.


Good luck...

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yeah, i don't like itunes. it sucks. whenever i play music, it sounds terrible on it. i know it's not the speakers

Wow, you're totally right. I first thought you were crazy, then I did a side by side comparison with VLC and iTunes. VLC took iTunes to school. The first thing I noticed VLC was way more open, and dynamic. It seems as if iTunes tosses a wet blanket on your music, figuratively speaking. I'm now on the hunt for something else to play music on my mac.

Any suggestions?

Seeing that a Video Player does a bettert job than iTunes makes me think there could be one out just for music...

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