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Favourite Matt Album And Reasons Why

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my first thread, hopefully i didnt mess it up...


My favourtie would have to be The Audio of Being.

Even though some of my favourtie songs come from the others, this album just have such a great sound to it from start to finish.

Key songs for me are man of action tripoli and sort of a protest song, but the whole thing is fantasitc!


and i dunno how, but i forgot to mention that it is the home of my all time favourite song...TRUFFLE PIGS

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Even though, my favourite song Truffle Pigs is on The Audio of Being, my favourite album is Underdogs - its the kind of album you can chuck on to chill or if you wanna dance around or something and the sound and the lyrics are raw, it was definately the turning point between LOTGA and Beautiful Midnight.

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Audio of Being.


It marked an obvious change in not only Matt's life, but his musical direction. It's so bitter, raw, and vengeful and it makes for a great record for unwinding.


The guitar tone production on it is phenomenol, so many little things that were there that weren't on any of his other records.


It's also the one record of his that I can relate to mostly, and on a personal level, that's what makes it really stand out to me.


I do however wish that All Together was included over 'I, the Throw Away'.

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Avalanche, hands down. The anticipation I felt for that album after the Weapon music video being released a million years before the album hit the shelves was well rewarded. There's not a single song on Avalanche that I dislike and most of my favourite Matt Good songs are on that album. Songs like While We Where Hunting Rabbits, Near Fantastica, and 21st Century Living.

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I'd have to say either Underdogs, or Audio of Being.


AoB is just so dark, I love all the songs off that album......with the exception of "Rat", I'll just have to listen to that song some more.


Underdogs has waaay too many great songs to go unloved. Prime Time Deliverance is probably Matts best song to date.

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Audio of Being hands down. Sure, Beautiful Midnight had some great songs, but Audio of Being just had so much more depth to it, it speaks to you, it's just so personal. Also, I couldn't say this without mentioning Avalanche. That album is also incredibly well done, and I appreciate it way more than I did before. One of the songs that I had underrated was Bright End of Nowhere. That song is so touching, and it has really great chorus, and I love the way he ends it with the piano.

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