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Nice to see a Dishwalla thread here. I really enjoyed Opaline but haven't had a chance to listen to their latest release. Opaline was my first exposure to them since Counting Blue Cars and I felt like it was a musical awakening or something. When I tell people about them I get the same reaction of "They are still around?" - which is too bad because they are putting out some great music but no support for them in the media.

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I recently bought the 'Pet Your Friends' album from a pawn shop. Still in good condition. I guess the original owner didn't play it much. However, Dishwalla is the kind of band that is admired not on the charts, but to fans. My interest in their music arose when I remembered the song Charlie Brown's Parents. On muchmusic they aired Dishwalla's live concert. I wanted to hear more from Dishwalla after hearing two songs being played in two different Smallville episodes. Angels or Devils, I think the song was called. And, Collide, in one of the more recent Smallville episodes. Dishwalla isn't one of my most favorite bands but I love to hear them from time to time.

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