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What Was The Last Movie You Saw?

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i just finished watching the shining.

i'm pretty sure i can say it was the worst movie i have ever seen.



and it was 3 and a half hours long with the fucking commercials! it was outrageous.


^lol. that was funny ;)



anyway, last movie i saw was "go"


last movie i saw in the theatre was doom

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A few friends and I just had a dude's movie night this past weekend. We sat up all night and drank and laughed and watched:


Pumping Iron - Hilarious!


Batman Begins - So awesome. Christian Bale was right on point. I had only seen the ones with Michael Keaton before, but this one can definitely sit amongst the others.


Predator - I had never seen this before. It was pretty good, I suppose. I had no problems with it, certainly.


Robocop - So different from when I saw it when I was like... 10? Whatever. Got a much better sense of the movie this time, and it was real cool.

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it being halloween time there was a ton of horror-genre movies on the tube.


of those I watched

The Shining

Childs Play


Halloween 1 and 2


I just went and watched Saw II at the theater as well....I loved it...just as good as the first. Good twist at the end

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A friend and I rented the dvd of "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman. We'd both read the book and loved it, so when we found out there was a bbc tv series on dvd we rented it. It was actualy made before the book, but the book was better. It was fairly good, but it was very low budget.


The music was by Brian Eno, which surprised me.

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