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What Was The Last Movie You Saw?

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dr. strangelove in theatre for a midnight showing. great movie, but it seemed like they dug out the original film rolls for projection, cuz it was awful quality. and the director wasn't lined up right with the screen, cuz the very top of the movie was lopped off.

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the Wizard

even better than when I was a kid and all about video games. just a good road trip movie, with an autism sub-plot and brotherly love.

fight club

awesome. still a huge fan of the use of Pixies at the end.

the fanboys.

made for major geeks. which I am, but not that geeky. pass.

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blazing sandles

even edited, it's fantasic

you could not make this one today.


Ugh, I dunno. Depends how edited I guess. It's been on AMC on and off for weeks, and it just bugs me with the censoring.


The Men Who Stare At Goats coulda been better, certainly, but it's decent enough. And crazy george Clooney with a ridiculous moustache is pretty funny on it's own.

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Clash of the Titans in 3D (which, btw, WAS NOT IN FUCKING 3D!! I paid an extra $6 for a fucking movie and the thing wasn't 3D and I didn't even want to go see this crap show because it was a crap show.


Waste of time and money. Give me the old one.

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WHAT? Really?


I mean, I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but 9 was as "objectively" bad as anything I've seen since Beowulf.


The glasses guy gets abducted 5 minutes after he's introduced. As an audience, you never care about any of the characters, never feel their motivations or trials. The ending is totally stupid (with the souls raining down or whatever) and the pacing is bad and plot dull.


I cared more about the characters in Up and Wall-E after 5 minutes than the characters in 9 after 90.

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Saw the Lovely Bones the other day, wasn't bad.


Really? I just finished the book and I heard it deviates quite a bit.


Also, fyi, 9 isn't Tim Burton's movie, he's just producing it. 9 started out as a short film, with no dialogue. I saw it a couple yrs ago at an animation festival, and it was awesome. When I saw the trailer for this new 9, I was extremely disappointed.

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