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What Was The Last Movie You Saw?

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Kind of a Funny Story.

was good.

suicidal teenage submits himself to an adult Crazy Ward.

gets a crush on the pretty girl in the same ward.

all started when his girlfriend started dating his best friend.


uh oh. ;)

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love that movie.


Watched "dawn of the dead" and shaun of the dead" last night, owning the first and never have seen the latter until now.


Both are pretty good. I find Shaun of the Dead to be a little slow at times...


Was given about 50 burnt movies last night, will have a lot to fill in for this section for the next while...

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Harry Potter & Deathly Hollows Pt.1 - 8/10, good flick


Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince - 9/10, love this one, the best one since Chamber of Secrets.


It Might Get Loud - 8/10 - very cool doc about 3 fantastic guitarists getting together and talking about the electric guitar - Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White

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The King's Speech - 8.5/10


Good, not great. I mean, it's about a prince/king's speech impediment, so given the somewhat unexciting subject matter i think they did a very good job. It takes massive balls to make a movie about that!


Geoffrey Rush was amazing.


XMEN First Class WAS BADASSS!!!!


There should be an oscar for best cameo ever, just saying!!!


Do you like the other X-men movies? I'm kinda "meh" on them.

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Between The Ropes

fan-fucking-tastic documentary about WWF and how it drags out the *f words* from the macho macho men, R.I.P. (snap into a slim jim, ooh yeah!*


My Name Is Bruce

it's funny how you go back and watch this movies after buying them from a going out of business sale at Blockbuster, and remember/realize 'hey, this is a really good movie! I didn't have to lie to impress that girl I was persuing that girl who didn't accept my move*

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