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What Was The Last Movie You Saw?

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Do you like the other X-men movies? I'm kinda "meh" on them.



I honestly felt the Trilogy could have been written better. It's sad when the novelizations were better, than the actual movies.

I liked them for what they were. I would have liked the Wolverine movie better, if the plot holes hadn't been so big...The writers and Producers could have done so much better by the subject, by building the continuity before just scripting one at a time.


Just saw the Smurfs, and I'll be damned if I don't feel all Smurftastically Smurfy about it!!!

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Carrie, 1976.

Why did it take her that long to kill her annoying mother?


Seriously, that used to be one of my favs, and I've been wondering that shit to this day.

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Exporting Raymond


love documentaries

its a good one, about how this guy who wrote Everybody Loves Raymond was attempting to make a Russian Everybody Loves Raymond.

in communist Russia, Raymond Loves You

pretty good


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Finally got around to watching Four Brothers. I really enjoyed it, but am still shocked at the number of black people in that movie who appear to like hockey.


Dude, I grew up playing it. It's what you do in the winter time in colder climates.


Finally saw the Book Of Eli. FUCKING AWESOME!!!!

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was way good.

even as Scandanavian descendant

I wasn't one to say, "no! that is not how it happened! my great great grandfather didn't come to the new world to tell you about how he believes in a god of thunder! he came here to establish a farm and get a life for his bride, you're stupid movie! stupid movie!"


but not really. had some good battle scenes


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Have watched "Hanna" a couple times in the last few weeks. Probably one of my favorite movies of the last couple years.


Saw "The Thing" (2011). Not as good as "The Thing" (1982)- I felt it lacked the thing that made "The Thing" (1982) such a classic, that thing of course being the tension of not knowing who has been infected by the thing. It is still a surprise when you find out, but at the same time, going into "The Thing" (2011) after seeing "The Thing" (1982) kind of takes some of the surprise factor out of there. What I thought was really clever was the test they used to determine who was infected- crude, imperfect, but clever.

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The Thing (2011) agree with you... wasn't that good.



The other movie I just saw was Driver and I found it very instense and it had some real gory scenes.


The Change Up - Not that greatest comedy and not very original but it entertained me.

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i liked how The Thing (2011) tied the story together with The Thing (82). i think the biggest thing (hah!) lacking from the newer one is the overall sense of paranoia that the Carpenter one had. it was a really slow creep, the '82 Thing... it just kind of hung around over your shoulder, waiting for the right moment to reveal itself.


i watched Half Nelson the other night. great little flick. Ryan Gosling really is a decent actor. not too bad for a kid from London that got his break on that Degrassi-on-a-boat show...

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