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Bass Effect Used For Hello Time Bomb

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It's a synth!  Rich just plays underneath it if you're paying attention during the show.

Are you sure? Because when they were setting up for the Kingston show, the tech guy was setting up the bass and Rich's pedals, and he clicked on a pedal (or set of effects), and then played around with the bass. And it was definately the exact effect used in Hello Time Bomb. He actually played a couple of notes from the song (presumably to make sure the settings sounded correct), then carried on setting up.

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A pedal by Electro-Harmonix called "Bassballs" cranked all the way up, with the distorion on.

I would have thought it was a seperate synth since you can clearly hear the bass guitar underneath the main focus.


However I suppose maybe because of it being through a pedal, then I guess you can configure it to still have a clean bass sound run through as well.

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