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I went and saw this movie last night. I don't want to say it was bad because I kind of liked it. It was just a really odd movie. Kind of like Seinfeld. It was a movie about nothing. It was as if you were a fly on the wall for a random week of this guy's life. It was oddly entertaining though.

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Imagine if Steven Spielberg read the script for American Beauty, and then he asked the Farrelly Brothers to direct it. That's pretty much what The Weather Man is.


Something that someone i know said. I'm not sure what he meant exactly.

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It was excellent.


There's a definite similarity to American Beauty, but it's not a ripoff. American Beauty had a more comedic premise/cartoonish execution than Weather Man, which is more rooted in a dramatic plot, with some funny dialogue here and there. Definitely not a comedy.


One of my favourite movies of the year.

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loved the weather man


reminded me a lot of myself (or who i will/would become in coming years)




SPOILER (Highlight to View)
The Part where he got into the car with his dad and his dad had "Like A Rock" playing in the car made me tear up...and when he began to give the Eulogy at his father's "funeral" and the lights went out...and when they came back on, nobody remembered that he was talking...reminded me so much of myself...just the kind of "who's that guy? oh, no one important" self-image I believe other people feel about me.



I just love that movie...I'm going to have to pop it in right now.

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