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I didn't see a topic about this one...so hopefully there isn't one eh.


I suggest that everyone should go see this film. It has a pretty neat concept which I still do not understand entirely. The Camera shots/angles and Editing was just fantastic...the film is just beautiful. The storyline is fairly 'dark' and interesting...I was interested throughout the whole thing.


What are other peoples toughts?

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It was so well planned, executed and directed. I had read the script (it's been on-line for a long time) and wondered how they hell they managed to spend $50m on it (Ewan McGreggor doesn't cost that much) but now I see where it went. I feel kinda bad for it though; it's such a unusual movie, and they obviously had no idea how to market it, so so far it has made very little money.


Definitely worth checking out, just be of open mind.

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