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2005 Matthew Good Band Elimination

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Everyone likes results!!


Round 2: Group D Results

1) Bright End of Nowhere 21 vs Rat Who Would Be King 37

2) Apparitions 37 vs Pledge of Allegiance 21

3) Truffle Pigs 39 vs My Out of Style is Coming Back 19

4) Sort of a Protest Song 51 vs Havent Slept in Years 7

5) Entresol 6 vs A Long Way Down 51

6) Advertising on Police Cars 40 vs House of Smoke and Mirrors 18

7) Flashdance II 32 vs Omissions of The Omen 25.. I really hate 32 of you.

8) Running for Home 55 vs Four Minute Mile 3.. CHAINSAW almost succeeded.

9) Look Happy It

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1) Future is X-Rated (I love PTD too, but Future is X-Rated is a great song and doesn't deserve to be slaughtered)

2) Strange Days

3) Suburbia

4) Symbolistic White Walls (tough one, I picked SWW just because it had more of an impact on me then UTI)

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