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Happy Halloween

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I may sound cynical or pessimistic, but i fucken hated this Halloween, well i guess until around 11:30 at night. I was diligently working away on my essay and reading some law texts with the constant god damn dinging of my fucking doorbell. I wanted to strangle each and every one of those snot nosed brats with there pillow cases it pissed me off so much. When im deep in concentration with something, loud, obnoxious noises with even more obnoxious people grind on me like nails to a chalkboard. So eventually I quit, i was like fuck it, im not going to get anything done and the universe hates me, or so i thought. My girlfriend then ended up coming over and at around 11:30 at night it was time to put on the moves, and boy did they work! Lets just say it was a happy Halloween after all!

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i was getting ready to go to the bar last night. my buddy was coming over and i had music playing throughout the house, so i opened my front door, when i came back through the common there was two women and three kids standing in my foyer looking for candy.



fucking people are getting agressive these days.

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