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Matt Was Just On Tv

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I turned on the TV this morning right before I woke up my daughter and caught the last 5 minutes of an interview with Matthew Good for this program called Your World This Week. The footage contained interview material and scenes from the making of Rooms.


In those five minutes, he addressed a hand full of things, namely:


1) That he named the new album In A Coma to reflect a sleep-like feeling he's had throughout his career, mostly with the Band.


2) He said the concept of recording an acoustic element for In A Coma came as simply as someone suggesting to do something special for the greatest hits collection.


3) That he ran out of time while recording Rooms. He said that he wanted to do a lot more than just the 9 songs, and in fact had four more (he did not specify which) that he intended to record, but he only had four days in the studio to work with.


4) He alluded to a very real possibility of an acoustic tour in the new year, saying that it's something he's wanted to do for awhile.


5) That he thought the next album would be more what he wanted to do, as opposed to what people would expect. Then he laughed and said he was being intentionally vague, as that's the best way to talk about an album before beginning it in any way.


That's about it. Then the channel began schilling a Muchmusic channel package, and I changed it to Treehouse and woke up my daughter.

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Well, for the acoustic tour your going to have move on up to more sophisticated drinks. Sipping whiskey, and drinking brandy from a snifter, stuff like that.


He should also have the shows in those stereotypical smoky blue jazzhouses, and for laughs everyone can snap every time he finishes a song.

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Yeah some more songs on rooms would have been better BUT i feel like they sounded a bit over produced anyways...but thats just my opinion. I love the raw sound of that acoustic Near Fantastica he did. That, to me, is the perfect acoustic recording. Though even more raw, the fine art of falling apart is beatifully recorded.

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yeah i saw that interview too. it's on infinite repeat. i especially like the part where he talks about his future plans for his albums and starting to do what he wants to do. woot. bring it onnnnn.

what do you mean infinite repeat?

basically what muchmusic does with those god awful green day videos

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I was watching TV on APTN, (the station) Entertainment Beat (show) and caught the last bit on an interview 7:30 ish PM Ontario time. I do not know if this is a new appearance by matthew good or a repeat but there was talk about the album and matthews stand on the war.

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