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Black Market Surgery

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hey, i know its sad. but.......there were literally a handful of these made. And its the Canadian version so even more rare. So... im loving it. I just sold a load on ebay anyway, old useless PC items, so...I can afford it.


It also came with the football crest...so...its worth it ;) haha

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you know what's the best part about living in a major city like toronto.. we have so many used cd and book stores.. i found a store with so many copies of Loser Anthems and with BMS.. i should have bought the Loser Anthems. and sold them on ebay.. BLAST! i hate life.



gravitydave, im still looking for one of the black cover singles from Beautiful Midnight.. if youre still willing to trade your load me up for any of the other 3.. so i can have a collection of all 4 ;)

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wow, that's a lot of money. i got mine last december at this rock sale thingy in edmonton. they had one left. it was out on a table, in all it's monkified glory, and i snatched it and did a happy dance. what did i pay, you ask? one dollar.

*does the happy dance*

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when i worked at the used cd store in Moorhead, Minnesota (i got fired from there today :S) this customer came in.......told me that he really liked the matthew good (band) and that he had a copy of Black Market Surgery.


he told me that he didn't really like it and that he was going to give it to me...free of charge.


didn't really see him after that though....

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Althought 'At Last There is nothing Left to Say' is a great collection, I always I wanted a printed copy of the collection of menifestos for the webpage. I didnt just wnat to print them out cause, well this didnt see complete to do.


An I cant rationalize spending what people have for 'Black MArket Surgery', either version, so I did what I think was the best thing.


I collected all the manifestos as they appeared on the website and got it printed into a book. All the manifestos appear with the same text, images and style as they were intended to.


Here are a few pictures of how it came out. (I apologize for the blurry pictures. Its 337 pages.


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