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Hello Time Bomb Live Video

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Nicely done, the sound doesn't overpower the camera either. Your probably right beneath where I was for the show. The 30th and 31st were filmed with digital video cameras and I have been looking for additional footage to 'splice' into the show. I have about 10 minutes of digicam footage for both nights taken right beneath Matt and any little bit would help. Because you are kind of at the same angle as the majority of the footage I'm not sure it would help but if you don't mind I will take this (and any others you have) and see if they can be worked into the final product?

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I have a few more video clips of the show. Hello Time Bomb was the only full song. feel free to use what ever one you want. just let me know and i will upload them. here are the clips i have..


primetime deliverance (2 clips)

load me up (2 clips)

near fantastica (2 clips)


alert status red


advertising on police cars(2 clips)

bright end of nowhere


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load me up, near fantastica and prime time were shot up close.

Sweeeet ;). If you are up for it I'd love to throw it into the collection and see how it turns out mixed in with the main video. We can always do the transfer for those later as I'm heading off to Bad Religion right away. Or you can upload them and let others get a sneak peak at the show...

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Thanks for posting the rest of the videos up. I will see if any will/can be used in the final edit of the video from this day. If so I will get in touch with you and we can sort out the credits and what not. Thanks a lot!

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