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next single?

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I think it would be cool to put a song of Matt's on a Country Radio Station... like empty road or hopeless.



ya, i wonder if MG would be down with that. Or i wonder if Universal would be down with that.

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I think it would be nice if he got some recognition for trying a different style... its not exactly country music (but it is rockabilly)


Besides... its the best "country music" i have heard ever.. if you can consider it that.

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yes recognition would be cool...


...is it considered country because of only the instrumentation?


...and just a little fyi...there would be no rock n roll withour Rockabilly

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I havent seen many of MG's music videos...


Put out your lights: I like the song personally... but i dont think it would be popular to non MG fans. I can hear "this song sounds a lot like shit" allready.


Poor Man's Grey: wont get that much air time... agreed?


We're so heavy: It would be a great single :angry: ... but is it the best pick?




ASR: allready done :angry:


Little Terror: could be good eh? Possibility of a great video i think. But would it be the best pick?


In Love with a Bad idea: i dont think its the best pick because its not something everyone would like to sing along with.


North American For Life: i dont think so... not gonna get much air time? or any at all? haha...


Blue Skies Over Badlands: not gonna make it.


It's Been a While Since I was your Man: doesn't have the beat that people will want for a video.


Buffalo Seven: there is where my money is at... Easy to sing along to, nice beat, its got good lyrics... what more can you ask for in a song to make a video? But what exactly would they film for the video :angry: ... any ideas?


Expats: most likely... not gonna happen. Good song, not for video.


So to sum it up here are the songs that are most worthy (in my opinion) to be made into a video:

- We're So Heavy

- Little Terror

- Buffalo Seven


anybody else agree?

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I think that Buffalo Seven is the best bet. Personally, I think Little Terror would be great, but I don't think it will make any fans out of non-fans, which, near as I can tell, is the idea behind releasing singles.

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