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Riots Reach Paris

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So the riots have been going on for 11 days now. There's news of it reaching Germany already and it's suspected to being masterminded by fundamental muslim groups.


Chirac say's he's going to restore order but yeah, it's spreading to other countries.


Looks like it's Germany and Italy next to be hit ;).




On a side note, the Euro is down to about 1.39 canadian.

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I'm heading over there in August, maybe i should buy some now hahaha.



Seriously though, it's terrible what has happened. I remember reading about this a week ago thinking "four days of riots? That's whack!"



i might go throw some molitov coctails tonight. I want our new coup-ers to like me.

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Wow, that really made me sound like a right-winger.


I still feel that all the attacks are being coordinated by one group though they're likely not terrorists per se, anarchists maybe. Even with all the social oppression that's been going on nobody has the right to beat a man to death or to run the streets burning everything in sight.

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For sure i agree that nobody has the right to beat up an old man and essentially kill him, that was incredibly wrong, haha but burning stuff.... ahhhhhh i can see it happenin, it depends on the circumstances, i know nobodies going to agree with me but thats okay, im one of those crazy folks that tends to see the beauty in destruction of private ownership and whatnot, i dont mean to offend others its just riots kinda get me all excited haha ;)

EDIT: the unfortunate issue is that a lot of the cars being destroyed are of regular folks within thier neighborhood which isnt good either, i understand its an expression of rage and the oppression, but really after this is sad and done those people have no way of getting to their crap jobs anyway. I meant private ownership not the ownership of meagre belongings of others.

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