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Austin Powers 4

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I heard that Mike Meyers is trying to get all 3 "Powers girls" together for the 4th film. I also heard somehting about him trying to get Dolly Parton I think?????? Personally I hope this project makes it out of the starting blocks because the other Austin Powers movies were classics.

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After a while they all blend together to be pritty much the same movie. Dont get me wronge i liked them all but really how many more time can they play the same joke?

Until I stop laughing at it, and people will no longer pay 10 bucks to go see it in theatres.

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The chances of this happening I think are pretty slim. All the rumours I heard were back from a few years ago, and I did I quick google and got a bunch of quotes from Mike Myers and Seth Green saying it might happen, but it probably won't.

I had heard about the project the day I first posted. It was on some Hollywood report on a local radio station. So I think he is trying to put the project together now.

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