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Songs Left Off Rooms

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It's on any bootleg from 2002 (I.E. London, Halifax) there are mp3s out there u can find it anywhere, including the hub but mp3s, yuck I wish I had lossless copies.

I believe you're referring to Life Beyond/Carmelina, not Fine Art. But there is a recording of Fine Art.

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i'm a very big fan of acoustic verions. VERY big fan.


like on the acoustic version of near fantastica, the beginning is so much like the old old old matthew good but the song itself seems to follow his own evolution.


side note: i don't know if you all were around in the days of the manifesto, but i think one of the best things about avalanche (the record) was seeing those songs that he promised us years ago come to life.

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The only version of fine art live that I've come across sounds really really bad. Does someone have a better copy?

as far as I know there isn't a better one available, it was played few times live, and only recorded the once, i haven't seen any good versions on the hub, so i guess not...

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