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I'm Bored.

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The Tale of Greg Rabieson


The story I am about to tell you is entirely true. Names in most cases

have been changed to poke fun at those involved.


In a quiet neighbourhood in a quiet town there lived a troubled little boy

named Greg Rabieson. No one liked Greg Rabieson because he was a

baby. Greg would come home from school crying somedays saying

no one liked him, he was right.


You might think that was usual for someone just entering into public

school, and on a good day I might agree, but Greg wasn't going into

public school. He was in his first year of college.


One particular day he came home with a huge goofy smile on his face,

which he sometimes had, and which made him look like a raging homo.

This time he was blabbing about some girl he had talked to for 5 minutes

and fallen in love with.


Over the next couple days he managed to convince her he wasn't a psycho,

even though it was obvious he was. After countless harassments she finally

let her guard down enough for him to follow her home. He was also able to

coax out of his roommate Bradley Scottley, her phone number.


Throughout the following months Greg called the girl day and night. He also

seemed to find time to talk to 14 year olds on the internet. Eventually the

girl got so fed up with Greg, that she lied and told him she was a lesbian.


The next day Bradley came home to find Greg had commited suicide by hanging

himself with dental floss from a coat hanger in his closet. Life went on, and

although nobody said anything, everyone was happier. Now you may ask yourself,

"self, how could someone hang themselves with dental floss?" well, although Greg

was 19, he only weighed 85 lbs.

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The Art of Selling Out


It looked the same yesterday as it does today, as it will tomorrow. Things

only really change on the inside. Internal reasoning gives out after a while

and once that happens you're fucked. Like the majority of the population

you're probably wondering how you're going to pay the rent, or the mortgage

or the utilities, or the car payment, or maybe even the monthly credit card bill.

Whatever it is that causes you to lose sleep, pull on all your hair or take out

a loan, chances are you're in some sort of debt. Well, I figure I've got to start

paying off my student loan soon. I figure I won't be out of the red until I'm 30.


This is precisely where the thought of selling out comes into play. You need

money, and they've got money coming out of their asses. Consider the following



Y + D + F + H + M.V = P.H + L.O.S + MD + C.H.A.O.S.


It breaks down like this; Y represents YOU. I could have done the M is for MAN,

W is for WOMAN deal, but that's been done way too many times. D is DEBT, which

I have been in since the start of college back in early 2000. F stands for FAMILY,

which will most likely be a while off for me, but it is on the horizon. H represents the

purchase of a HOUSE, and M.V. is for MINI VAN. Your dreams of owning that Mercedes

Benz all went out the window. Added together, it results in P.H. PULLING HAIR, L.O.S.




That's enough to make your head spin, and it's the prime breeding ground for sellouts. You

want to make more money, so you whore yourself out to some faceless corporation. Do you

want to be the next big thing? It's the perfect time to sell your soul to pay the bills. Britney

Spears, NSYNC, Sum 41, Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguiellera, Creed, Our Lady Peace, Default,

Nickleback, and on and on. They all sold out, and now they're rich. They have no credibility,

no talent, and no future, but they are all rich. I'm sure they're fine with it. It'll all pass over in a

few weeks, and there will be a new one hit wonder to take their place.

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yeah... 290 is nothing. i will give someone all my nf dolla to the first person that actually says somehting worth reading.

"ooooo, look how many retard dollars I have, I is cooool"




fuck, the more of those you have the more evidence you have no life; have you not figured this out yet?

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