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So this week on CSI: Miami they had a CSI: NY cameo by Gary Sinise (Mac Taylor). It really looks like CSI: NY is struggling badly if they have to resort to a guest spot on the Horatio show, hah.


The thing with CSI: NY is that Taylor is just such a dick sometimes with his acting. The propaganda doesn

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I see where you're coming fro, but I feel Gary Sinise is far too cool as an actor to be killed off. My suggestion is that an anvil or flower pot falls on his head, and his character is forever changed, presuming no other Acme products fall on him. I think it's sad how desperately they pumped out the spin-offs to the original CSI. I don't like to think about the logic that must have gone through the heads of the producers who came up with the idea. "Hey, CSI is doing amazing, so lets make the same show in other cities, it's bound to do just as well if not better." Yet all they accomplished was the Multiplicity effect, where each clone of a clone just gets increasingly closer to retardation (or homosexuality in the case of that whacky second Michael Keaton clone!). So my point is this: I'm talking out of my ass since I have never watched CSI:NY, and only seen a few Miami, but I think a post the size of Anton's starting post deserves to be acknowledged. Maybe I'll start a Multiplicity thread. BYE!

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