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Computer Gamez0rs?

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Well, seeing as there's no existing forum for computer games...


We recently got a computer out this way. That's right, a computer that doesn't suck. A Pentium 4 processor, and it doesn't reboot every time you try to open Word. And it definitely has some real gaming capability, for the first time.


So I'm thinking I should get me a computer game or two. Or something. And since I haven't the first clue where to start, I figure there's enough nerds 'round this place to fill up the 80gig hard drives. Yes, you read that right - two hard drives. Bitch.


I'd like to get a driving game. Anybody played Need for Speed: Underground and could give me a yea or nay?


Also, recommend any other games you've got that aren't too expensive to buy and are worth the dough. I've also got my eye on the EA Games Pack, which has about five full games in it for 25 bucks.

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My brother likes that need for speed stuff, I'm not really into the driving sims though. He has said underground is pretty fun.


If you are going for the value stuff, try getting like a command & conquer pack or something. All the C&C games are really great, and theres like 15 of them incl expansions.


If you want something new that might test the capabilities of your system a bit more, go for Age of Empires III, or Civilization IV.


Note: These are all strategy games because that happens to be my favorite genre; I really have no clue what to recommend in any other genre.



edit: you seem like the type of person who might like the sims...

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Need for Speed sucks. Pretty much all EA games suck. If you want a good 'first person' game I guess you could go with Half Life 2. I don't know, I don't really play games anymore. Well, I play NHL 06 for xbox, but that's probably not what you're looking for.

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Pretty much all EA games suck.


I play NHL 06 for xbox

hmm ok.


(2k6 is better.)

I didn't say all EA games are bad, I said pretty much all. That being said, I never said NHL 06 was a great game...it's ok, but I find it much better than the ESPN series.

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James knows what's up. The C&C/Red Alert games are my lovers and fantastic time killers.

I went ahead and bought a Red Alert set a couple of years ago simply out of nostalgia, but I've certainly put it to good use.

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I used to be addicted to Warcraft and Warcraft II.

I mean addicted. All day at school, i would think about what level i was on and draw strategies and shit, and i would spend all night sitting in my basement, listening to Slipknot's Iowa, trying to beat those fucking Orcs.


Grade nine was painful.

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I don't care what everybody says. I'm a sucker for the Sims.

Whoo, thread necromancy.


I don't get why people knock The Sims either. You could call it redundant, but it's... FUN. There's also something to be said about the amusement of making a family of goths and watching them slowly go insane when you leave them unattended. It's just fun to experiment with.


Ninja Edit: Primarily, I play Halo 2 and other stuff on Xbox live. I play a few online PC games, but not all that often anymore, since my computer is about 5 years olds.

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