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5ilent Narcotic

Hub Registration Site Is Back Up

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there is a crude version of the hub website up right now. here is the link:




you can now register on there, if it says anything after registering, ignore it as it works fine.


So once again heres the info: Please pin if needed Crusader.


Hub Address: mattgood-limblifter.no-ip.info [ Registration is required! - Click here ]


Here's a little FAQ I put together for the DC Hub. Important words are in bold. I hope this helps anyone with their questions, before they're asked. I'll update this from time to time if there is any confusion.


Q: What's a Direct Connect Hub, and how do I use it?


A: Direct connect hubs are a new breakthrough in P2P file sharing. You start by downloading a client (DC++ or modified DC++ are the best ones to use), then you configure it (very simple), and you connect to the hub address by clicking on the 'public hubs' icon in the toolbar. Enter the hub address where it says 'manual connect address'. You can also add it as a favourite, and set it to automatically connect everytime the client is opened. Once you connect to the hub, follow the registration procedure, then reconnect, and double click someone's name to view their shared files. Choose a file or folder you wish to download, and double-click it to send it to your default downloads folder, or you may right-click and choose a different location.




* Click here to register [ Updated! ]

* Download and install the DC++ Client

* Configure downloads, uploads, IP settings

* Connect to the hub address [ MG Hub ]

* Double click someones username for a file list

* Double click a file or folder to download it


More information: click here



* Note: There is no longer a share size limit, but I will still be kicking people who aren't sharing any Matthew Good files at all. Remember, this is an MG hub about sharing, so to be fair, please share. It's really not hard to do.


Updated February 3rd, 2005


In addition it is cool if you need to decode the flac files to mp3s because we understand that people have ipods and also not all the space on the computer, BUT DO NOT SHARE MP3S OF ANY 2005 LIVE SHOWS OR ANY OTHER OLD SHOWS WHICH HAVE RECENTLY BECOME AVAILABLE. The admins (myself, pintosack, penguin, chad, sour29, and gursky) check often to make sure this rule is followed.


Thank you for your patence and enjoy.

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Ever thought of downloading it?


He means that this is a sample of a mix and rough track . It shows the differences between the rough recorded bootleg and the re-mixed version

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