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Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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I first saw this show about two years ago, and fell in love with it. The voice acting is hilarious, the characters are great, and the storylines are bizarre, and yet purely fun. Who else has had a chance to partake in this groovy show?

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Did anyone see the episode with the Mooninites? Well, actually, there were two episodes with them but I only saw one. Their first appearance. I love this show but always forget to watch it. Anyway, My brother (who really has no life) makes some dame sweet music on the computer and made a mooninites song. And I just now find out that the fucker didn't post a sample of it on his site.

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Hyphnip, I love the Mooninites eps, although the Plutonian ones are great as well. Anything from seasons one and two is gold, the third season is hit or miss, and the fourth has been pretty solid thus far.

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