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Title says it all. What's your favourite movie soundtrack?


Mine would be a close call between the Empire Records soundtrack The Faculty (extremely crappy "horror" movie starring Josh Hartnett) soundtrack, but Empire Records wins out.

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well purely for original movie score...gladiator...everytime i watch that movie, i hum the scores for days afterwards...and i watch gladiator a lot...

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I love the Lord Of The Rings Scores, the score for Gattaca, and Shawshank Redemption.

Titan AE had a good soundtrack. As did Cruel Intentions, and City Of Angles. Plus, thanks to my mom and a VERY LONG CAR RIDE when I was 8, the Big Chill soundtrack (especially Jeremiah was a bullfrog, I still sing that whenever I'm in a tub).

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Select Disney soundtracks are fabulous. My choices are Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.


The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack (With Gerard Butler) is great...


and I do love Clint Mansell's work. The Fountain has a great soundtrack.


I also enjoyed the Matrix soundtracks too...Trainspotting...


and above all things, Moulin Rouge.

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