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call ashley.

i did. she's boring.


i met her back in february, and have no interest in seeing her ever again. ;)


i was thinking somewhere like the heart and crown or patty bolland's.


who's in?

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Shit hole my ass. There's nothing interesting here, granted, but half the city is high tech and upper middle class.


I may just be pissed at the people who believe that by living in Kanata, they are in fact living the thug life. Wtf.

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Nepean i would not call by any means ghetto, its kinda like Kanata only not. I hate living in Kanata, it f-ing sucks, i want to move downtown. If Bayshore is ghetto, then whats the South end? Bayshores not really that bad, its just boreing. I mean seriously the Bayshore mall sucks monkey balls.

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Actually are you sure it starts with a 'c'? I think I recall it being spelled "Kanada"

the town is spelled as kanata which, coincidentally, is located just outside of ottawa! weee.

I would hate to live there, cause what if people ask you where you live and then you say "Kanata," and then people mistake the 't' for a 'd' and then there like "I know you live in Canada, but where specifically?" and then you're like "Kanata!!" and then the cycle continues..

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