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Warning: Spoilers Ahead


I know I'm gunna get blasted for my nerd like analysis of the film but I've gotta get this off my chest.


Some critiques:


-Whenever you see Wormtail in the movie he has this stupid evil grin on his face. Wormtail is not someone who is happy in his position in the book; he hates being around Voldemort but doesn't feel he has any other choice. In all the scenes in the book he's in it's described how he seems fearful and at the same time revolted by Voldemort's presense; case in point- Wormtail is almost crying in the book when he helps bring Voldmort back to life. Even in the movie, Voldemort states that Wormtail only helped bring him back because he had nowhere else to go; but Newell either neglects to understand this when directing Spall or simply disregards it to cater to the audiences idea of an evil bad guy character. My problem with this is that, I'm guessing, in the 7th book Wormtail is going to have a rather large part to play in the end. At the end of the 3rd book, Dumbledore, or Lupin (I can't remember), points out that because Harry saved Wormtail's life, Wormtail is indebted to him forever because of the magical bond that is created between wizards when one saves another. There are many examples like this, which I'll talk about next, where Newell ignores important character traits, which have and probably will become quintessential in the coming books and movies.


-Next, they completely destroyed Dumbledore's character. You would have a better chance of reading an erotic xxx sex scene between (use your imagination) than you would reading a scene where Dumbledore gets so surprised and over stressed that he almost harms Harry (I am referring to the scene where, after Harry's name comes out of the Goblet, Dumbledore runs at Harry and almost pushes him off his feet when confronting Harry about whether he put his name in) Dumbledore is not a character who normally shows agitation. Indeed, that exact lack of normal human anger or fear is the mystique that makes his character so likeable and interesting. But throughout the movie he is portrayed as this old man who's losing control and doesn't know how to handle it. Again, Newell completely disregards another character's persona in order to fit the atmosphere of his film.


-Also, where did the triwizard tournament winnings go? How are George and Fred supposed to start up their shop next year without Harry giving them the money to do so at the end of the show? Where was Percy throughout the whole movie? How is he supposed to get in a row with his family after he gets promoted even after screwing up with Crouch? And speaking of Crouch- Crouch isn't some bumbling mumbling shmuck; he's a deeply troubled/masked, yet somewhat humble guy who was screwed up by his own lust for power and his son's subsequent betrayal. And then there's the whole other subplot about Rita Skeeter being an anamagus and Hermonie finding out about it and blackmailing her in the 5th book by using that information. How does that play out in the fifth movie now?


(...lol, actually after reading that back to myself I suppose there's really no way they could have included all of that in. Unless of course they decided to create two movies for the book; which I did hear rumors that they were considering doing. But still, it was annoying)


-Lastly, a lot of the film seemed rushed, especially the beginning scene where Voldemort kills that muggle up to the point where the other two schools arrive at Hogwarts. I would have had no problem with them making 2 movies for the book where they did one half in November and the other half in December if it meant them not getting so scissor happy with all the scenes and characters.


So, before some of you get ready to tell me to remove the stick lodged up my ass, as I'm sure some of you probably are, I will say that overall, despite all the things I mentioned, I was still able to enjoy the movie. The three tasks, the Yule Ball, Voldemort's return and especially when Harry returns with Cedric's body, were especially well done. Of all the scenes in them movie, I found that one to be the closest to how I had pictured it in my head. Radcliffe does a really nice job of portraying someone who has just lived through his worst nightmare and everyone's reaction to it is believable. And, Alan Rickman, as usual, does a wicked job of portraying Snape.


Also, I will admit I found myself laughing a quite a few of the interactions between the different characters. (e.g.- Rita Skeeter popping out of nowhere and photographing Harry and Hermonie hugging; Ron and McGonagall dancing in class, Harry accidentally spitting out his drink when he realizes Cho knows he's looking at her, etc.)


Overall, if you're not a hardcore like myself, and haven't read the book, you'll probably love the movie. If you are, you'll like it but probably be pretty disappointed by all the changes made in the adaptation.

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