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The Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production

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In the song, there's a line that says...

'they don't like that much,

cause it's called Formosa'


Does anyone know what this means? I searched Encarta, and the only thing I can find is that it's related to Taiwan somehow, which obviously fits the song, but I can't find the actually definition.

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I was made by the Taiwanese in Taiwan

but they don't like that much

because it's called Formosa


"Formosa may also refer to a fictional country located on the island of Taiwan, but whose culture was invented by George Psalmanazar as a hoax." (thanks wikipedia)


this may piece it together?

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Formosa is a placename which comes from Latin formosa (*formous, meaning "beautiful"). Other Iberian Romance versions are hermosa.


The following places bear the name:

* The island of Taiwan, also sometimes used for the Republic of China


I'd guess that Formosa is the Taiwanese name for Taiwan.

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Formosa is the name that was given to Taiwan when it was discovered, and the name it kept up until it switched from Japanese to Chinese rule after WWII (nobody refers to it as Formosa anymore).


I think the key point here is that the meaning of the word Formosa is "beautiful island". However, once it fell under Chinese rule, it largely became the home of many globalizing factories which treat their workers like sh*t and give them crap pay.


So basically my interpretation of the song is...

It's a song against mass production (duh). It describes the lifestyle of those that live and work in Taiwan, and how badly they are exploited and taken advantage of.

But he throws in that line "They don't like that much, cause it's called Formosa" kinda to say "this isn't right, we're supposed to be living on a beautiful, free land".

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my guess about "do it while the worlds awake" line was that maybe it meant they work in these production lines in bad conditions, while the world (the important countries US, europe) are in a different time zone (just waking up, or day time, over on the other side of the world)

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