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Jim Morrison And The Doors Suck

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less organ is right, jimi hendrix is way better than the doors in my opinion, i hate ray manzerek, the organ player, he's the most annoying person in the entire world, he gets interviewed and acts he like he was in the biggest band of all time or something, like man, your band was weak and you played the organ, only the organ, fuck off!

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I used to hate the Doors. Then I realized that I hate the press that the Doors get and that the band was fine. Nothing mind-blowingly awesome, but fine nonetheless.


Jimi is incredible, but I think moreso to people who play guitar (or so it seems from conversations I've had).


Oh, and I hate RAy Manzarek as well. Let's do ourselves a favour and forget his name.

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The Doors are way overrated. I don't find them to be awful, but they certainly are not as great as most make them out to be. They had a few good songs, but they were an average late 60's band with an exceptionally charismatic lead singer.

When i was in Paris a couple years ago, we went to the famous person, fancy pants cemetery, and there was a hippie vigil surrounding Jim Morrison's grave. God damn hippies.


And yes, Hendrix is way better.

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I like The Doors. I love "The End", as well as "Break On Through" and "Riders On The Storm".


Maybe a little overrated because they didn't get to release a ton of stuff (re: singers dying) but they are still awesome and a totally cool band. Morrison has a rad voice.


Hendrix is cool too.

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Hendrix is for sure my idol and the greateset guitarist ever...but I do like the Doors. I mean, not my fave, but they have some great songs. Plus.....I must say....I have extreme crush on Jim......yes, i know he is not alive, but doesn't mean I can't love him!

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