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A Question Of Great Importance

Caesar salad dressing as a Sandwich condiment??  

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  1. 1. Caesar salad dressing as a Sandwich condiment??

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The Southwest Chipolte sauce tastes like sweat. I've never even given thought to ceasar dressing on a sandwich. If it were to be and type of sandwich, it'd have to be a sub-based sandwiched because that kind of sandwich is the only sandwich that has sturdy bread so it can hold wet-based condiments. It's a good sandwich idea that I will try on my next sandwich that I purchase, hopefully a sub sandwich.


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Chicken sandwich yes, but cover the chicken in hot sauce, then put ceasar on the bun/bread, and put the chicken within. Then consume it before it gets a chance to get soggy.


For best results, add a few slices of tomato.


Absolute deliciousness.

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people, people, people. its already been mentionned, but i cant emphasize enough that toast is key here. i discoverred it last year just by chance. everything tastes better with toast on it. also, the bread doesnt stick to the roof of your mouth in toast form. also, it doesnt get soggy unless you leave it with 1000000 vegetables in it for more than an hour. even peanut butter is better on toast, just as long as you spread the PB right after the slices pop from the toaster. then it melts and is fantastic.


and yes, caesar salad dressing has fish in it. my kraft one reads: "anchovy paste". who knew? i guess im a hypocrite then, because im not a fan of anchovis.


p.s. i'm glad a thread that i started exploded into two pages in a day. i think that's a first.



EDIT: why do i have two posts?

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