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new dog?

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aaaawwwww, how cute!!!! ;) I want a dog like that one tooooooooooo... but i dont have time to take care of him/her :angry: i'm the whole day out... and he/she would get bored and tired of being home alone... but i want one!!! buahhhhhhhhhhhhh

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lol yes i know ... girls aren't the only ones who do that

I occasionally will do the "awww... look at the cute lil puppy (making baby noises)"


but *erhem* i must be MANLY!

"yah ... thats a nice dog (nod head)"


Im going to put up a thread so members can show pictures of their pets!

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Dan, you are being too sexist ;) hahahaha, you "must" be manly? :angry: who obliges you to? erhem, in my English classes, I learned that the use of the modal verb "must" means that the obligation is not under your control :angry:

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