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The Rat Who Would Be King

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Live versions of almost any Matt Good song is always much more amazing... Hearing Avalanche live (still the best song on the album, perhaps even all matt goodery) is atleast 10x greater live even! Matt Good is simply amazing live.

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here ya go from  one of the toronto shows in 2004



Oh man you scared me for a second, just had to make sure it was 2004.

c'mon Narcotic, give me some credit here...think I don't pay attention?


i know you and pintosack would kick my ass if it was 2005, i respect the bootlegging code.

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matt is one of those rare artists that can equal or best the album version of their song during a performance


i hate bands that sound nothing like the album.

like those who sound fucking horrible live? like oh say...Black Eyed Peas? OH WAIT! they don't sound good anyway! lol...


i personally think that david usher sounds better live then on the albums

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