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what are some of your favorite independent bands? matthew good fans have pretty good taste in music i'd say.


i love to discover new bands i haven't heard before, so post your recommendations here:


drive by punch: http://www.drivebypunch.com is my favorite


(and if you live in vancouver canada, and you haven't got any plans this weekend, i SERIOUSLY suggest you come down to pub 340 on cambie and hastings this saturday and check it out.)

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these bands all have labels, but they aren't well-known


sylvie http://www.sylviemusic.com/

alive & living http://www.aliveandliving.net

wintersleep http://www.wintersleep.com

hayden http://www.hardwoodrecords.com

isis http://www.sgnl05.com

jesu http://www.jesu.com

red sparowes http://www.redsparowes.com

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define Independant. Not signed to a major label or not signed at all?

Yes, tell us what you meen.

already did. i meant unheard of, not signed to a major label, no big distribution deals, that sort of thing.


but, hey, if you want to use this time to plug the new mariah carey record i won't stop you.

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The Mountain Goats are pretty unheard of, but good.

If you like them, then take a listen to the Extra Glenns, a John Darnielle side project from a couple years ago. It's pretty good stuff.


Also, Richmond Fontaine are pretty good for anyone who like good, dark alternative country.

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yeeaaaaah catlow!!!


i would like to add:


cantankerous - http://www.myspace.com/cantankerous


elk war - http://www.myspace.com/elkwar ... they just changed their name from nightingale, which was a much cooler one.


forget cassettes - find the song called "bruce wayne" i'll post it if people woudl like to hear

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