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I'm A Little Confused...

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The Jack and Merle Show as I understand it is a fake radio show that Matt and his friend, who plays the character of Merle and had a blog called merlethepearl, which was pretty funny. The two played two grumpy old men, there were two or three episodes. More of an inside joke I think.


Bon Tempo is a joke band consisting of Matt and Rich. In my opinion the songs are hilarious, but it seems like a lot of it is more inside humour.


Ryan, as stated, is the frontman of LimbLifter, as well as the now defunct Age of Electric. When LL were touring with Matt on the Put Out Your Lights tour they seemed to become good friends. They made three recordings, under what would come to be known as Jackpillowhead (though this was just the name of the site they secretly released songs from, and had been used by Matt as a secret site for a while. Also a lot of in humour with these two, but the songs are definately worth checking out.


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to add to the previous posts...



jack is rodney's nickname for matt and merle is matt's nickname for rodney. rodney is a good friend of matt and rich. i don't know if any of you recall, but while the matt was in the early stages of developing avalanche, rich had a "spiritual advisor"... that was rodney. jack and merle was matt and rodney doing what was said a few posts prior.



bon tempo was matt rich and rodney using up extra studio time with synths and voice filters... apparently it had quite the following with the early hardcore mgb fans, and then rumor says some "sexual harassment" accusations surfaced between the three guys and a female fan and they shut the 'project' down.


ryan dahle is a local vancouver musician who formerly fronted age of electric, while his brother kurt kept time on the drums. he then formed limblifter and they disappeared off the map, but then kept his bassist from that band and hired ian browne as the drummer to form alarmbell, although the opened for the last two shows of matt's first solo tour in vancouver, they didnt last too long together and ryan reformed limblifter with megan bradfield, dave paterson and brent follet... the same group who toured with matt during the put out your lights tour. both ryan dahle and megan bradfield are credited for production on 'oh be joyful'... and the three of them plus pat steward performed some shows together around the lower mainland of vancouver in late spring.

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to add also, Matt has said he and Ryan have been friends for years and used to live within a block of each other years ago, Matt was also good friends with Tood Kerns, who played and sang with Ryan in Age of Eletric (gotta love the tight knit canadian music scene). Matt said somethign about him and Ryan (and possibly Kurt Dahle as well) forming a side project band called Supergroup as well a couple years back while MGB was still paying together.It was also ryan's recommendation for Pat to play with matt, as Patt had agreed to make the last limblifter record (I/O) before agreeing to do avalanche (that's what pat said on his blog awhile back anyways, after he was done avalanche, Pat played drums for I/O.

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