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Matt On "the Hour"?

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Last night was i was falling asleep i left The Hour with George Strombosldfaodsidplopspisplslsooplous on...and i swear i heard him mention that Matthew Good would be on today! Anyone have any information about this? I checked the website and didn't see anything.

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Yeah cos George Stombolopolopuslyhoupijyki is one of the best hosts in Canada and of course Matt, one of the best acts in Canada


*Bends down to receive booting for extreme sucking up*

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The show is on right now and (not sure if I saw it wrong) but Matthew Good is coming up at the end of the show.


Or maybe it was a preview for next show? Either way, it's my warning. Turn your television sets on.


CBC Newsworld.



Yup, it's coming up after the commercial break right now. Turn it on.

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Parts of the show was live, but parts of it couldn't be, so they weren't. Though I thought it was funny how George kept laughing after the Richard Prier bit even with the time delay because the show had to be sent to Toronto and back.

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